First eyes on you
A thought hit me through
Expectations never dawned to me
That I’ve come to love thee

A year past
I couldn’t believe, at last
Hindrance were many
But we’ve managed to stay

Years and years flew fast
Our love and friendship outlast
I couldn’t ask for more happiness
Because you gave me the bests

We could never tell what the future holds
But surely I’ll love you till I grow old
Life would be colorless without you beside me
And there’ll never be this she without he



G1 in the making

Paboritos, once a grill restaurant in Butuan City, the place where G1 commenced. On a February night year forgotten, after a hard day’s work, eight exhausted friends agreed to dine out to their favorite “Paboritos”.

As far as my memory served me, we had, of course, barbecue and stuffed boneless bangus and dilis in salted egg salad (our all-time favorites back then). Dinner’s served. Hanging out with these friends always made every moment memorable and fun. Talking about anything under the sun, laughing on every joke, planning on every school activities always made up our time. That night wasn’t an exemption. But somewhere in the middle of our noise, Grasya had something in mind, a group name! Though we knew that the idea was childish but we all agreed. We came up with a couple of names but we settled with G1. Our reasons why it’s G1 were ours to keep. Dinner with them, as always, was marvelous. From that night on our friendship had soared into a higher level; we had G1 to call ourselves. We belong to G1 and always will be!

PS… Gra, sorry for spilling the beans 🙂

(standing from left) Alfred, Iby, Grace, Belle, Jinky, Reggie (down from left) Lorenzo, Junar

Siblings 101

“We know one another’s faults, virtues, catastrophes, mortifications, triumphs, rivalries, desires, and how long we can each hang by our hands to a bar.”

We do have many things in common. We always enjoy each other’s company. Math doesn’t run gracefully in our blood. We can dance. We enjoy alternative music. Animal lovers.  Family oriented buddies.

These are my sibs whom I get strength in every inch of the day…


My reading, movie and music buddy. We share the same sentiments in those aspects. But he loves Britney Spears and I don’t. A green-thumb. Loves to mix-and-match clothes. A diet look-out, veggies are heavenly. A good dance trainer. Supportive and independent. Gets very nasty with words in bad times but a wonderful bro, kuya and son.


Pretty and talented. Dances better than I do. Writes and sketches pretty well. Can draw a thunderous laugh when she cracks jokes. A good cook. Obedient; moody once in a while. Friendly and chatty. The only one who can sing the songs of our papa.


My counterpart; silent. Bought his own mobile phone when he was in fourth year high school. Thrifty but generous to his… uhm, girlfriend. The athletic one; is very good in tennis, basketball and sepak takraw. Easily gets distracted. Sweet and emotional. Rice-eater and veggies are a no, no!


Jan for January, the “why” guy, you might be entertained or irritated with his whys. Bubbly like B-B. Intelligent, very affectionate and emotional as well. A dreamer. Closest to ma and pa being the youngest.

Siblings 101

And, me? I am me. I’m a mirror of every bits of them. I’m their sister and friend. They look up to me as their “manang” like nobody else does. I know I can’t keep them but I’ll always be here for them. Hopefully, I won’t fail these guys. I’m the luckiest to have these sibs and needless to say, I’m very proud of ‘em.

I love you guys. ^_^


I definitely love solitude. No one can fathom the happiness I feel in every solitary second I get.

You can easily make me happy but I hardly laugh out loud.

I do mostly good and a few unpleasant deeds.

I enjoy music, not the sluggish ones though.

I was a high school bookworm back then and strolling in a bookstore is a delight.

I have a vast collection of home magazines.

I’m an absolute animal lover but sad to say I can’t be a vegetarian.

Water gives me unexplainable elation. I constantly pray for rain to come.

I don’t fail to go to church on Sundays but I’m not as pious as others.

My existence are my love ones, they keep me going each day. They make me get through every impossible way.

I see life brilliantly but I’m a big-time worrier, thus, I take things lightly to keep me from distress.

I may be nothing to you but I am many things to others.

Lastly, I have no idea why is this entitled Bizarre_Solitude.

…. till next 🙂

Flicks and Quotes

I was browsing my old posts in Facebook when I noticed that quite a number of them were quotes from motion pictures I recently watched. Movies/TV series are not just great companions when I’m alone but also great sources of inspirations and emotions. Inspirations that may be somehow I am living with how the tale goes or that maybe I can be how the story goes. Some flicks generally stir mixed emotions in me especially if the lines are romantic to a fault. Yes, motion flicks are reservoir of quotable quotes. Some lines are just too irresistible to be posted on my wall.

Posted to inspire me as well as my Facebook friends:

“Basic rule going outdoors: ALWAYS make sure someone knows where you are.”

Desperate Days in Blue John Canyon (NBC documentary)

~127 Hours~

“‎3 kinds of people in this world: people who got no dreams; people who got dreams and don’t do anything about them; and people who go out and fulfill their dreams”

~True Blood~

“…but there are good days. you have to understand that you’re still yourself, you’re still there and life goes on and life is beautiful…”

(can’t remember the flick)

‎”… not taking risk is riskier …”

~True Blood S02 E06~

‎”This moment is perfect… unique, the unshaken heart of well-rounded truth.”

~The Oxford Murders~

It is said some lives are linked across time…

Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages… destiny!

~Prince of Persia~

Well, these lines shook my vulnerable emotions… 

‎”My affections and wishes have not changed.

But one word from you will silence me forever.

lf, however, your feelings have changed…

… I would have to tell you, you have bewitched me, body and soul,

and I love…

I love… I love you.

I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.”

Mr. Darcyto Lizzie Bennet

~Pride and Prejudice~

Keira Knightley as "Elizabeth Bennet" and Matthew Macfadyen as "Mr. Darcy" (Google Images)

“I have a secret. I have a big one. And I never said it out loud. I mean, what’s the point? It’s not gonna change anything. It’s not gonna make me good… make me adopt a puppy! I can’t be what other people want me to be, what she wants me to be. This is who I am.”


~The Vampire Diaries~

Ian Somerhalder as "Damon Salvatore" (Google Images)

Have a great day all. 🙂

New Envi

( I drafted this last June when I was at the height of my so-called environmental adjustment.)

Overseas…..a dream of someone who sees his own country crawling. I am one of them. I am now one of the million expats around the globe. I have been waiting for this moment to happen and at last I’m in. When it was still all in my head, I thought things were as easy as 123 but when I was in the real thing, it’s not as easy as I imagined it to be. Nostalgia is pretty awesome to the point of yearning to put myself on a plane back home. But I ain’t a coward, yey! So here I am, waking up each day, dressing up, working 18 hours a week, going home at 1500 hours and eventually fall asleep, tomorrow would be another routinary day. I do visit other places but most of the time I’m in the solitary moments in the four corners of my room…thinking of the people I left behind. Pathetic isn’t it but it makes me feel better.

Living in Thailand is quiet wonderful especially if you are with your nearest and dearest. The cost of living is cheaper compared to my country. The Land of Smiles has proven its name to me. People are friendly BUT too afraid to speak “pasa angrit”. Chitchat with neighbors is difficult if not impossible. It’s like talking less your voice but multiplied with physical movements. But it’s very fulfilling to be able to express and be understood, and to understand them, as well. This country has so much to offer for an alien like me. Day by day, I’ll have to make most of my time to explore and enjoy the little wonders of this new environment of mine. Homesick, I am, but I’m trying the best ways I can to get rid of it as the days go by. 🙂

me and my girl friends: dinner before departure

destination: hatyai, thailand (google images)

internet surfing became an easy outlet for all the homesickness i felt

first nature trip

Blogging… Anyone?

A blog is a personal website or web page, on which an individual records opinions, links to other sites, etc. on a regular basis (

Do I have what it takes to have my own blog?

It seems that a lot of people have their blog sites; I feel that I’m the only one left behind. I have been following some bloggers and been blasting with their posts. Why can’t I scribble my own thoughts and experiences? I do read a lot but I, for sure, am not a writer. Some friends keep on encouraging me about having my own blog. They say I’ll get along, maybe… hopefully.

I have been drafting a lot to have this very first post in my site. It took a lot of courage to have this pasted in this wall. Blogging would be a better outlet of my unengaged time. With any luck, gain more online acquaintances and, possibly, develop my appreciation for photography and, with much much luck, take home a living. 🙂